Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egypt for kids

The ancient Egypt for kids will be incomplete if the story of the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun is not told. This was the youngest Pharaoh in the history of Egypt whose tomb was undiscovered until 1922. The tomb was discovered by a british Egyptologist Howard Carter who had been searching for the tomb for several years. Tutankhamun is the only Pharaoh still residing in the Valley of the Kings.

As a tradition in Egypt the Pharaohs built tombs for themselves during their life time and each Pharaoh wanted a grand tomb for himself. Tutankhamum was Pharaoh at the age of 9 and died at the age of 16 so his tomb could not be completed during his life time and he had to be buried in someone else’s tomb. He was short in height with a long face and lacked the personality of a true Pharaoh yet he ruled Egypt for certain time like a God. The tomb discovered had painting of the ceremonies that were held during the time of the Pharaoh’s reign

For ancient Egypt for kids, tutankhamun’s tomb had four gilded shrines nested one inside the other. The coffins were made of 110 kg of solid gold inside which he was lying with a gold mask. The interesting thing found at the tomb was the treasury of the Pharaoh which included figures, canopic chest, internal organs belonging to him, array of boats and other beautiful figures of goddesses including Isis and Selkis.

Not much is known about the life of Tutankhamun. He was either the son or brother of Akhenaten because he became the successor of Akhenaten in 1333 BC. An interesting aspect in the ancient Egypt history for kids to tell is that during the research of the Valley of the Kings some storage jars and flower garlands were found which bore the name of Tutankhamun. This led to the discovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb in the valley. This tomb was the most well preserved that were discovered in Egypt.

Tutankhamun was one of the few kings who were worshipped as a God according to his choice. He even ordered people to perform rituals for him to honor him in worship. During his reign he ordered people to stop worshipping the god Aten. Like other Pharaoh’s he was also involved in building structures around Thebes and Karnak. He even erected several temples and tombs with paintings that showed that he led the life of a God.

Tutankhamun story is interesting from the aspect of the ancient Egypt for kids. During his time Egypt did not come any more successful and his time is usually regarded as weak and in turmoil. Much of the foreign trade and diplomatic relations were neglected much of this could also be due to the fact that he was very immature for his king’s age and he did not have a set of strong advisors. His tomb also revealed body armors and tools of military campaigns showing that he might have lead a few battles.

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