Pharaohs and the Ancient Egypt history for kids

The role of Pharaohs is significant to mention in the ancient Egypt for kids. Pharaohs were the rulers and kings of Egypt. He was the most powerful person in all Egypt. The Pharaohs owned everything in the land of Egypt from land, deserts, trees, crops, animals and even people. Not only were the Pharaohs leaders of the nation but also high priest of the temples. The pharaohs portrayed themselves as gods and inflicted the fact upon people that they are self created and no harm can be brought upon them.

Since the pharaohs considered themselves the elite and the highest member of the country, they chose men to represent themselves to the people. Big estates were given to the representatives of pharaohs so that people would consider them powerful as pharaohs as well. These representatives took care of their estates and provided food to the Pharaohs along with the state information.

The ancient Egypt for kids must also emphasize on the fact that Pharaohs were not really considered the Supreme Being in the earlier periods. The Pharaohs themselves believed in Gods and asked people to worship the god of their choice. It was in the later periods after Egypt was divided and united again that the new era provided Pharaohs that were powerful in characteristics.

The first true Pharaoh of Egypt was Narmer or also called Menes. This was the first dynasty which is important to be told in the ancient Egypt for kids. It was around 3100BC when the Egypt was divided into two parts and reunited again. It was also sometime after the reign of Narmer that pyramids were built for the Pharaohs to be buried and prepare for the afterlife.

Pharaohs had the most unique lifestyle than the rest of the people. They had thousands of servants to do favors for them and even had several wives out of which only one was made queen. The Pharaoh Tutankhamen holds importance in the ancient Egypt history for kids. He died at a very young age after becoming king just at the age of nine. Another important figure amongst Pharaohs is the Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti.

The ancient Egypt history for kids will not be complete without the mention of Ramses who built great structures for himself. He was also known for his numerous military battles and strength. He regained many of the territories that were lost by Egypt during previous wars. He is also speculated to be the Pharaoh during the time of Moses.

The ancient Egypt history for kids mentions different Pharaohs in the three kingdoms from 2700 BCE to 1000 BCE. As the time of Pharaohs ended so did the construction of pyramids and tombs. The later kings and rulers of Egypt were neither called Pharaohs nor were they buried in tombs. The later rulers chose to be buried in the valleys. The era of Pharaohs is the reason that Egypt is so famous.

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