Hieroglyphic Writing in the Ancient Egypt History for Kids

The ancient Egypt for kids has to include the fascinating way of recording information by Egyptians. Like in every culture the Egyptians also gave importance to literature and writing. Language in writing did not exist on a well known level so Egyptians created their own style of communication. Scripts were created which were known as the hieroglyphic which evolved in the three generations of the Egyptian civilization.

It is important to emphasize in the ancient Egypt for kids that learning to write was also important to convey religious messages in the temples of Gods. The language of hieroglyphics was conveyed using symbols or pictures to represent words. There were several hundred words created in the scriptures carving and writing of which was a very labor intensive job for the Egyptians. These were mostly used in buildings, temples and tombs.

There are two categories in hieroglyphics called the phonograms and the ideograms. The ancient Egypt for kids provides interesting methodology of communication through these categories. The ideograms were pictures to represent one word. For example a picture of a woman would actually represent the word ‘woman’. Phonograms however, are symbols that were used to spell out the word and did not necessarily have any relation with the word itself.

The Egyptian community did not emphasize much on writing except for some groups who provided schooling to boys in order to learn writing in hieroglyphics. The benefit of such schooling at that time was that the boys became scribes when they grew up and were servants of the royal household.

Another point in the ancient Egypt history for kids is that hieroglyphics means ‘sacred drawings’ and Egyptians did consider all of their writings to be sacred. This form of writing evolved as the generations passed and was also affected by the invaders of other land. Like when Greek invaded Egypt they introduced Greek letters in hieroglyphics.

This form of writing was first fount in 1779 on a stone discovered near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. The text consisted of Egyptian and Greek language scripts. Most of the text found was written in the honor of the Pharaohs and Gods of that time. Reading the text is also another interesting part. The direction of hieroglyphics can be from left to right, top to bottom or the other way around. This depends on where the symbols are facing. If the symbols are facing right then reading is done from right to left and so on.

The ancient Egypt history for kids tells much about the usage of hieroglyphics for a long time until new and easy forms of writing were developed. The Egyptians usually wrote on walls, plants, papyrus reed and hollow stems to make books or pages. The writing grew more complex with time as new symbols were introduced. Hieroglyphics were also used to design sarcophagus symbols for the Pharaohs. Much time has been spent by historians in figuring out how to read hieroglyphics because of its complexity.

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