The ancient Egypt for kids must include the reign of Cleopatra in the rule of Queens. Cleopatra was not an Egyptian rather she was a Macedonian born in a Ptolemy family. She was called Cleopatra the Seventh because her mother and sisters bore the same name. She was born in 69 BC in Alexandria. As a family tradition she married brother Ptolemy XIII to take over the throne of Egypt. She soon however ended the marriage to be the sole ruler of Egypt.

In the ancient Egypt for kids, the mention of Cleopatra starts in the Hellenistic period when Egypt was ruled by Alexander the Great. She was one of the daughters of the generals and the first in the family to speak Egyptian language. She represented herself as the Egyptian Goddess Isis. She was deeply possessed by the Egyptian land and the religions followed here that she came to throne as soon as her father was exiled and fled to Rome. Cleopatra was only 17 years old when she became the Pharaoh of Egypt.

She was regarded as a very intelligent and charismatic personality and impressed many of her male peers during her reign. However she was soon exiled from Egypt when she faces serious conflicts with Ptolemy XII. She and her sister escaped to Syria at that time and she struggled again to get her reign back. She befriended Romans and influenced their leader Julius Caesar who was already an enemy of the Ptolemy of that time. The war between Romans and Ptolemy’s army led to the victory of Caesar who then restored the throne of Cleopatra.

The stories of Cleopatra and Caesar have been laid out in many books and novels with own versions of the writers. The relationship between Cleopatra and Caesar was scandalized in all of Rome. Soon Caesar was assassinated and Cleopatra joined alliances with Caesarian party. In the ancient Egypt for kids it is important also to mention that Cleopatra also led many of her close partners to execution in order to keep the throne to herself alone. She also joined forces with Mark Antony and they were also scandalized in all Rome.

During her reign Cleopatra was provided with many titles based on her beauty and leading Rome. Some called her the Queen of Kings and some called her Goddess of Love. The kings and generals made statues to portray her beauty. She died when Egypt was again in clash with the Romans and civil disputes began. Many stores relate to her death and some say she committed suicide by taking poisonous toxin or getting bit by a snake.

The ancient Egypt for kids gets more interesting with Cleopatra’s reign and how she conquered and ruled Egypt for a long time. With her death Egypt was taken over by Romans. She was taken prisoner by the Octavian army after the death of Mark Antony. This was also the end of the Egyptian empire and the Pharaohs.

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